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Premier Nutraceutical Dietary Supplement and Vitamin Contract Manufacturing

If you’re looking for a contract vitamin manufacturer or a private label supplement manufacturer, then you already know that this is a highly competitive market. There are a lot of wholesale vitamin suppliers out there who are ready to take on your project and promise to exceed your expectations. But how many of them are really able to deliver on those promises? VITA-gen Laboratories isn’t just another supplement manufacturer – we are seeking out up and coming companies who are looking for long-term partners to help them grow and expand their vitamin and supplement product lines.

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Our high-tech equipment combined with our dedicated expert teams will work together to provide you with exceptional services that set you apart from your competition. We’re capable of managing your entire process, from start to finish, including formula development, manufacturing, project management, and product line packaging design. However, if you’ve found yourself in the middle of development that just isn’t going as smoothly as you’d like, we’ve got the skills and know-how to step in at any stage of your development or production, take over, and provide you with a high-quality product that is effective, affordable, and competitive.

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It doesn’t matter what type of vitamin or supplement you’re looking to develop, our teams are eager to get started on your project and take you all the way through the manufacturing process using our state-of-the-art equipment that is capable of producing large volumes in short lead times.

Reach out to us today to discuss your current vitamin and supplement needs. We’ll get to know your company, brand, and overall sales goals to ensure that we’re able to accommodate your specific manufacturing needs within our fully certified and compliant facility. If you decide that we’re the perfect fit for your manufacturing needs, we’ll assign you a specific project manager who will be dedicated to seeing your project through to completion.

Contact us today to discuss your current project or to ask us any questions regarding our facility, vitamin and supplement manufacturing process, or our product line. We’ll be happy to offer you tailor-fit solutions to your current development and manufacturing needs.

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Why Choose us?

As a wholesale vitamin supplier, VITA-gen Laboratories is dedicated to your success. When you partner with us, you’re not working with just another custom supplement manufacturer. You’re working with a team of developers, production managers, and graphic designers who want to see your company grow and thrive. Our comprehensive service list is put together with this specific purpose in mind so that you can keep all aspects of your supplement manufacturing project under one roof and decrease the chances of miscommunications or falling behind schedule. Your dedicated project manager will ensure that every stage of your private label supplement manufacturing process runs smoothly and efficiently, allowing you to meet your deadlines and provide an exceptional product to your customers.

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State-of-the-art equipment that produces high-quality vitamins and supplements.
Custom-developed formulas designed to meet customer needs and requirements.
Flexible production and turnaround times that allow you to meet deadlines.
Certified and compliant facilities that maintain the integrity of your product line.
Affordable options for each and every budget level.

What are the benefits of Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturing?

Cutting Edge R&D Services – Our team of scientists is always eager for a new challenge. Whether you need assistance with a formula that just isn’t living up to expectations or you’re looking for a brand new formula that will provide great results for your customers, our R&D department has the knowledge, skill, and expertise necessary to bring your vision to life.

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Complete Package and Label Design Solutions for Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturers – It doesn’t matter if you already have a product line to match or are looking to create brand new eye-catching packaging that fits your company’s unique personality, our team of expert graphic designers will deliver a finished product that both matches your vision and will attract the attention of your customer base.

Versatile Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturers Options – In our journey to become one of the most comprehensive vitamins and supplement manufacturers in the industry, we have worked hard to be able to offer you a variety of options, products, and formulas. Our goal is to allow you to grow your product line, one step at a time until you reach your desired scale. We do that by giving you every opportunity to test and launch new products.

Affordable Vitamin and Supplement Manufacturers – We know that it’s important you remain competitive in your industry, which is why we’ll do our best to help you find an affordable option for your supplement or full product line. This includes pricing tiers that allow you to reduce your cost per unit and when applicable, flexible payment terms.

Package and Label Design Options for Vitamin and Supplement

The development of your new product is just the beginning. Once you’ve found a formula that works for you and we’ve begun the process of manufacturing your private label supplement, it’s important to consider how you’re going to package your product. We’ve put together an incredibly talented team of graphic designers, with an eye for detail, who can help you fully design your new vitamin or supplement’s packaging. They’re prepared to match an existing product line or incorporate your current brand, logo, and company vision into an all-new design that is both functional and visually appealing. They’ve never failed to rise to a challenge!

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