Producing dietary supplements in powder form is part art, part science and not every lab is good at it. Taste, nutrition and mouth-feel are just a few aspects of powder production that come into play and the flavor scientists at VITA-gen Labs know how to blend all three into one great-tasting supplement. Whether your brand focuses on Sports Nutrition, everyday health and wellness, weight loss or any other category of supplements, the experienced team at VITA-gen Labs will ensure a high-quality finished product that customers will continue to come back for.

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Powders are typically sold in “bulk”, in large jars or tubs, but single-serving sachets or stick packs are an increasingly popular way to sell and market powdered drink mixes. VITA-gen Labs will help determine the appropriate packaging method for your supplement based on the product/formula, your marketing strategy, budget and vision, but one thing is certain; the finished product will exceed your expectations for taste, packaging and marketability.

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