VITA-gen Laboratories is proud to be the first manufacturer of custom gummies on Long Island NY.  Our state-of-the-art production line utilizes Teflon coated molds, not the typical corn starch molds used by traditional candy manufacturers.  Teflon coated molds ensure no cross-contamination, consistent shape, and a non-GMO guarantee, if the formula calls for it.

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Gummies have increased in popularity as a delivery method and are no longer “just for kids”.  VITA-gen Labs makes great tasting gummies that are fun to eat.

Gelatin and fruit pectin bases are available; please call to discuss your current gummy supplement or any new concept. Minimums start at only one million gummies per formula.



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Gummy products are commonly packaged in clear PET bottles or jars to display the vivid colors and recognizable shape of the gummy supplement. We also offer custom packaging solutions such as unique bottle shapes and single serving pouches. Contact an Account Executive to discuss all the options for your next gummy project.

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